The inspiration for bringpro was born out of the need for a solution to a problem. One busy morning, Don Dicostanzo, a bringpro founding partner, had overheard someone that had just purchased a large-screen TV, intending to enjoy a football game that evening. He soon discovered that this person had no way to get his new TV delivered the same day. The department store refused, and moving companies were requiring advance notice. The person was faced with the upsetting choice of renting a U-Haul or phoning a friend with a truck, Don then realized what people where in need of: an on-demand pick-up and delivery service! Such a service could help everyone enjoy their purchases right away. To make it truly great, this service should own its fleet of vehicles and hire experienced delivery professionals. That day was the start of bringpro, a professional delivery and installation service.

bringpro’s mission is to connect people with their items faster and more professionally than ever before.