Jason Weisberger

Speaker Spotlight: Jason Weisberger

A great cook who wishes he had the superpower of plating food well, speaker Jason Weisberger will be attending his first ever WordCamp this June when he speaks at WordCamp Orange County! When asked how he got started in WordPress, Jason explained, “We arrived like refugees, running from the flames of MoveableType.”

Weisberger’s job history may clue you in to his presentation. He owned a comedy club, performed in various ensembles and also worked as a really acerbic dinner magician. Also found in his repertoire is work as a private investigator and salesman of boutique men’s clothing in Santa Monica, CA. Probably more widely known for his role as COO of a publicly traded ad agency, his time spent in VP Ops, Engineering, and Product Management at a publicly traded telecom company, and as CTO at LA area datacenter/web hosting company, Jason Weisberger is currently publisher of Boing Boing, a website devoted to technology, entertainment, and culture.

He looks to Willie Nelson as his WordPress mentor and lists favorite superheroes as Lex Luthor and Ming the Merciless. Weisberger believes both are awesome as they try to make the world a better place and are bald. Weisberger seeks to make the world a better place himself by serving as top-side volunteer at the Marine Mammal Center where he feeds, restrains and medicates seals and sea lions on a regular basis. He also serves as a Board Member on West Coast Great Pyrenees and uses the words of Mr. T to describe his feelings on family and community, summing it up with, “Pity fools. Respect mothers.” Understanding the seriousness of WordCamp Orange County, Weisberger has words of advice for post readers, warning each: “Do not taunt happy fun ball.”

Don’t miss Jason’s talk, “How WordPress Helps Keep Boing Boing Weird,” in the Beach track at 9 AM on Saturday, June 10: “Boing Boing is one of the longest running independent publications on the Internet. From our start as ‘zine to our currently self-hosted WordPress site, we’ve had our ass kicked by every platform we’ve tried. WordPress doesn’t have me in a murderous rage, but that is largely because the guys at WP VIP are so good at sorting out the weird and often suicidal things we do to ourselves. Actually, some issues with 2FA, and our cookies expiring weirdly leave me kinda frustrated… but hey, at least Google can crawl the site this week!”

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