Saturday, June 10th, 2017

Time Beach Venture Workshops Discussions
8:40a Opening Remarks
9:00a WordPress Helps Keep Boing Boing WeirdJason Weisberger How to Get Started with Building a Website for your Business Tish Briseno Learn JavaScript & the WP REST API Zac Gordon Can’t We All Just Get Along Ethan Grey
9:50a The Simple 5-Step Strategy for Attracting an Audience Brian Clark A Beginners Guide to Free WordPress Plugins Christina Hills
10:40a Can I Get You a Beer? A Story About Community Building. Alex Vasquez The Proper Care & Feeding of Your WordPress Website Adam Silver Vue.js: The JavaScript Framework for Designers Who Know Just Enough JavaScript and jQuery To Get By Jacob Arriola Refactoring Legacy Applications Aaron Holbrook
11:30a You Created A Plugin. Now What? Adam Warner Cybersecurity: Russian Hackers, Privacy, & You Yvonne Conway-Williams
12:20p Lunch
2:00p The Minimal Dev Jason Cosper Images that POP!: Create Photos that Amaze your Audience Amber Hewitt Becoming a Better Blogger Chris Lema Best Practices for Plugin Building Russell Aaron
2:50p Little Mistakes That Cost Big: Lessons Learned in 3 Million Plus Plugin Downloads Julka Grodel Understanding and Supporting Web Accessibility Rachel Cherry
3:40p Common Sense and Accessibility Andrew Bergeron Decoupled Language Pack Updating Andy Fragen The Story Behind the Story Lauren Milligan A Me-Shaped Hole Chris Ford
4:30p Pixel Imperfect: A Practical Approach To Responsive Design Michelle Schulp Using Component Libraries for Rapid Theme Development Carrie Forde
5:20p Closing Remarks
7:00p After Party

Sunday, June 11th, 2017

Time Beach Venture Workshops Discussions
9:40a Opening Remarks
10:00a Business Track Host: Jeff Turner

David Payette
Blair Williams
Samantha McCoy
Colin Dowling

WordPress load testing with Elastic Beanstalk, Locust and CasperJS Erik Mathy Theme Setup: A DIY Guide Verious B. Smith III Protecting WordPress Like a Super Hero Emanuel “Manny” Costa
10:50a Speeding up WordPress for Mobile Scott Bolinger
11:40a Super-Powered WordPress Application Development Ben Cole
12:30p Lunch
2:00p Plugin-A-Palooza Host: Chris Lema

Scott Bolinger
Jason Cosper
Chris Ford

WordPress for Non-Profits Brian Coords Super Powered Single Page Apps Jason Bahl A WordPress Support Toolkit Jarrett Gucci
2:50p The Dark Side of Democratization Dennis Hong
4:30p Final Remarks
4:45p Sunday Social