Sunday Social

Friends? Check.
Firepit? Check.
Tacos? Check.

In Orange County, WordCamp doesn’t end after the last session on Sunday. We’re excited to be adding a new event this year – the Sunday Social. Right after the Plugin-a-Palooza winners are announced, we will move across the parking lot to the amazing patio at the Vine.

This event is included in your WordCamp ticket.

No RSVP required.

Also: tacos.

Did we mention tacos?

A private chef will be grilling up street tacos! How awesome is that? Grab one or four and compare notes with the other attendees about your takeaways from the weekend.

This is a great opportunity to for great conversations with your friends — old and new — and to talk about all of your new insights.

Book a late flight or, better yet, fly out on Monday. This event will worth sticking around.

Announcing our third batch of speakers announced for WordCamp Orange County June 10-11, 2017.

By Hipster’s Beard! Announcing Another Round of Speakers

Our third batch of speakers will captivate you with their know-how and variety of expertise. These superhero speakers will inspire you to amp up your WordPress game and keep you entertained at the same time!

Russell Aaron

Russell Aaron is a back-end developer & support specialist at Russell has created two plugins. One of which won second place in WCOC Plugin-a-Palooza. He is a fan of WordPress first and foremost. He is currently the lead organizer of the Las Vegas WordPress Meetup Group & WordCamp Las Vegas. He is an admin of the Advanced WordPress Facebook group.

Julka Grodel

Julka Grodel is a Senior Software Engineer at AddThis and has worked professionally with content management systems for over 10 years. She is passionate about writing easily maintainable and extendable code and is on a mission to make it simple to use AddThis’ social tools on single page apps and within a dynamic DOM.

Julka spends most of her time on open source projects integrating AddThis tools for various JavaScript frameworks & content management systems. She is the primary developer on AddThis’s WordPress plugins. When not working, she spends her time volunteering with the Junior League, in a pilates studio, or doting over her blind cat Batman and his BFF Robin.

Amber Hewitt

Amber Hewitt is a front-end web developer who has created websites for a wide variety of clients for over 15 years. With a strong background in design (graphic design degree from Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design), she has developed a passion for good imagery and typography in print and on the web.

Carrie Forde

Front-end architect focused on improving processes, writing better code, and bringing dev teams together. Works @webdevstudios. ❤️ cats, coffee, WordPress.

Ethan Grey

A Senior Product Manager at Media Temple, a Los Angeles-based company providing premium web and cloud hosting solutions and services, Ethan leverages his experience in product management, business analysis, commerce and monetization to oversee the product and go-to-market strategy of Media Temple’s managed WordPress hosting solutions.

Jacob Arriola

Jacob Arriola is a front-end developer from Los Angeles who spends most of his time working with Sass, JavaScript and building custom WordPress themes. He works with Zeek Interactive and is always trying to learn new languages and frameworks to deliver rich and engaging UI experiences.

Michelle Schulp

Michelle is an independent graphic designer and frontend developer in Minneapolis. Prior to beginning her career, she studied Visual Communications, with minors in Psychology and Sociology. As her work progressed, she also branched into front-end development and user experience design to round our her skillset. This combination of disciplines led her to adopt a strategy-based approach to design, focused on solving tangible problems and achieving real goals based on how people think.

She loves the open source community, and when she is not working on projects she speaks/volunteers/organizes at events and workshops around the country. Her passions are communication and empowerment, and she believes in the power of “Why?”

Tish Briseno

Happiness Engineer at Automattic working on I love helping people get started with WordPress.

Announcing our second batch of speakers announced for WordCamp Orange County June 10-11, 2017.

Up, Up and Away! Meet our Second Batch of Speakers!

Wowza! Our second round of WordCamp Orange County speakers is sure to keep you captivated! Check out the names below and save the date to make sure you have a chance to watch them in action!

Zac Gordon

Zac Gordon is a professional educator, currently working with the JavaScript for WordPress Master Course. Previously, Zac taught WordPress for Treehouse. He has years of experience teaching WordPress and JavaScript at the college level and high school level. In addition to teaching, Zac also runs Web Hosting for Students, the world’s largest hosting company dedicated to students and teachers.

Chris Ford

Over the course of her 20 year career Chris has been a visual and UX designer, brand strategist, front end developer, professional scrapbooker, magazine art director, project manager, and support lead. She also loves to write, speak and teach other people about all of those things.

Alex Vasquez

I’m Alex Vasquez, a WordPress Developer and owner of DigiSavvy, a boutique digital studio providing digital marketing and custom web development services. My hair could qualify as a super power.

Jason Cosper

Jason Cosper is currently employed as the Developer Advocate for WP Engine. Honestly, that’s just a fancy way of saying “I get paid to chat with people about WordPress.” Nice work if you can get it.

Jason spends a ton of time with his wife Sarah and two chihuahuas, Rowdy & Gomez. They watch a lot of bad TV, scary movies and premium cable programming. He also enjoys hanging out in musty record stores, drinking whiskey, smoking meats, and sampling craft beers.

Andrew Bergeron

Andrew Bergeron is a designer, speaker, and proud new father. Currently, he is the UX Design Manager for Everyone Counts, a rapidly growing start-up leading the transformation of modern election systems. When he is not focused on improving lives through design you will likely find him surfing, walking in nature or finding a way to make his son giggle.

Verious B. Smith III

Verious Smith the Creative Director of Philoveracity Design, a firm that specializes in Brand Development with work that spans the scope of strategic planning to custom branded campaigns & clients that have included local & national start-ups to medium sized corporations.

He is a BFA VisCom Graduate and has a thorough command of Conceptual Communication with a myriad of mediums.

His current career focus is to build important new relationships while nurturing current connections by properly stewarding my God given time & talents.

Scott Buscemi

Scott Buscemi is the Co-Founder of Lumen Foundry, a next-generation marketing agency based in LA. Since version 2.9 of WordPress in 2010, Scott has been bringing clients into the cutting edge of website and marketing technology. He’s also co-organizer of the LA WordPress Meetup.

Rachel Cherry

Rachel Cherry is a Senior Software Engineer for The Walt Disney Company with over ten years experience in back and front-end web development and digital design. Before Disney, she spent over nine years working in higher education and is the Director of WPCampus, a community and conferences focused on using WordPress in the world of higher education. When she’s not using WordPress to help build the web, she enjoys promoting the importance of accessibility and working to encourage openness, collaboration, and professional development as a conference and meetup organizer. Rachel lives in Pasadena, California but you can find her on Twitter, GitHub, and

First batch of speakers announced for WordCamp Orange County June 10-11, 2017.

Releasing Our First Batch of Speakers!

WordCamp Orange County attracts the best speakers in WordPress, making speaker choice a very difficult task! We found ourselves exclaiming, “Holy WordPress!” when we realized we had nearly one hundred speaker applications from which to narrow. What’s more is that each proposed topic was amazing, providing insight into the trending topics of 2017!

Origin stories on our Awe-inspiring Superhero and Villain Speakers will follow in the coming weeks, however today we are announcing our first batch of speakers in no particular order.

Can we get a Shazaam! for:

Ben Cole

Ben Cole is a Coding Bootcamp Instructor at UCI and Senior Web Developer at SLR Lounge. He self-identifies on his website as: “I craft elegant solutions to complex problems.” He also enjoys tea and swing dancing. That’s a great combo in any super hero!

Yvonne Conway-Williams

Social Media Marketing, Cybersecurity & Web Development Consultant. Co-Founder/Partner of ParadoxPrime Information Assurance.
“Perhaps one of the best parts about getting so involved with WordPress are the friendships I’ve formed with some of the most inspiring people I’ve ever met.” Yvonne Conway-Williams

Jarrett Gucci

Jarrett Gucci comes from a retail background that started at Home Depot in Buffalo NY as cashier and 18 months later was asked to be a project manager based out of Carson California with a goal of opening 12 stores in 14 months.

This goal was accomplished. He has also been an area manager at Big Lots and Bed Bath and beyond. He left his very last retail career as a district manager at Linens & Things in 2007 to pursue a hobby of website development as hope he could make some money doing it.

After 4 years of building and managing WordPress sites, he founded a company called WP Fix It and since 2011 his company has serviced over 54,000 WordPress support tickets. Something you may not know about Jarrett besides all this, is that when he was 15 his neighbor gave him a 1962 dodge dart and he completely took it apart and rebuilt it.

Christina Hills

Christina Hills, the creator of the Website Creation Workshop , has been passionately teaching non-techie small business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, experts, coaches and consultants, how to easily create their websites in WordPress so that they can get their message out to the world.

She has been running this WordPress training program to an international audience since 2008. She loves to teach WordPress as a creative way to get clarity on your business, your marketing, and your message. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Christina Hills worked as a digital artist for the network promotions division of NBC-TV, and then as a senior technical director in the Feature Film Division at George Lucas Industrial Light & Magic with film credits such as Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and ET the re-release, and more.

Adam Silver

Adam Silver is a native of Southern California, and is a serial entrepreneur. Currently providing WordPress development and support services through, produces two weekly podcasts at and The and runs the SouthBay WordPress Meetup.

Additionally, he was the lead organizer for WordCamp Los Angeles 2016, and in his free time, he speaks at industry events sharing his insights & expertise into all things digital. Has been married for 18 years to his amazing wife and has 3 wickedly cool kids.

Adam Warner

Adam W. Warner first discovered WordPress in 2005 and has since founded several WordPress-focused businesses that provide education, plugins and consulting services for online business owners. In 2016 he brought his passion for WordPress to join SiteLock as s Product Evangelist.

Adam has since delivered his zeal for WordPress to 20 different WordCamps all over the world and presented talks at 13. In addition to WordPress, Adam is passionate about his family, robots and, of course, life, the universe, and everything.

Brian Coords

Brian Coords – I’m an in-house manager at a non-profit and a freelancer. I used to be a teacher. My passions include writing, music, non-profits, and education.

Erik Mathy

My name is Erik Mathy, and I’ve been a web applications developer for over 20 years. By way of background I’ve worked on everything from small, informational static marketing sites to enterprise level, SAAS, event registration and management systems used by multi-billion dollar media conglomerates.

Prior to working at Pantheon, I was the Senior PHP Developer and Team Manager for the CMS Team at Techsoup Global, a multinational non-profit.

Why Come to WordCamp Orange County?

WordCamp Orange County sets itself apart in several ways, but the heart of it seems to come back to one phrase: community.

In fact, Adam Silver, one of the speakers at this year’s camp said he was “making the ‘trek’ from Redondo Beach to WordCamp Orange County for one simple reason: Community.”

“WordCamp Orange County has a very special place in my heart, as it was the first WordCamp I ever attended,” Adam recalled. “I had no idea what to expect, nor did I know anyone there at all. I had only heard about “WordCamps” about 2-3 weeks earlier though I’m not sure how. I then tried to buy a ticket and but was denied as WCOC sells out quickly. I then tried social media, and as luck would have it, a sponsor offered me their extra ticket for free!”

“Within minutes of checking on that first Saturday, I met so many people including lead organizers [at that time], Brandon Dove and Jeff Zinn. Though they didn’t know me at all, they were extremely gracious and just plain nice,” Adam remembered.

Adam shared the words of Howard Thurman in relating, “Community cannot for long feed on itself; it can only flourish with the coming of others from beyond, their unknown and undiscovered brothers.” For him, WordCamp Orange County allows community to flourish.

Other Reasons to Journey to Orange County WordCamp

  1. Location – Sunny skies, coastal breezes, moderate temperatures and high tech facilities showcase the wonder of Southern California.
  2. Community – Friendly volunteer greeters and organizers, accessible speakers and WordPress experts, and friendly discussion based formats make you feel at ease.
  3. Speakers – Trending, unique topics cater to every level and interest  beginner, intermediate, advanced – blogging, business, development, design
  4. Format – You’ll discover discussion tracks, competition (Plugin-a-palooza), workshops, Q &A, alongside traditional speaker talks.
  5. Entertainment – Gourmet food truck lunches, late night afterparty karaoke, Snapchat filters and lively discussion make this a WordCamp you’ll never forget!
  6. WordCamp Orange County welcomes all levels of WordPress users and provides a safe place to learn and connect.

    “WordCamp Orange County holds a special place in my heart for a few reasons,” explained local organizer Bridget Willard. “Primarily because it’s where I live and it was my first camp. Secondly, the community in Orange County is small enough to feel friendly but large enough to have a diversity of talks from advanced development, to writing, to business. My life totally changed in 2015 when I met Jason Knill and Matt Cromwell in person and the rest is — as they say, history,” shared Bridget Willard, Marketing Manager

    We’d love to hear your reason for coming or returning to WordCamp Orange County, too! Please submit your testimonial using the form below or send us a video explaining what makes WordCamp Orange County special to you.

    Give your feedback now!

WordCamp OC 2017 | Plugin-A-Palooza

Plugin-a-Palooza Returns to WC Orange County

Join the tradition of Plugin-a-Palooza at WordCamp OC in 2017! This is THE chance for WordPress developers from around the globe to gather to show off superhero plugin skills and win cash and other prizes!

Plugin-a-Palooza 2017 Details

  • Pitch your plugin idea. Deadline for pitches is February 13.
  • We’ll confirm your entry into the competition after reviewing your pitch.
  • We’ll have room for 10 teams to compete.
  • Each team member can only be part of one team in the competition.
  • You must build your own plugin!
  • The plugin must be GPL compliant and be submitted to the WordPress repository by May 15, so submit early!
  • The top teams will present their plugins at WordCamp OC on June 11.
  • Our judges will vote live at the event and the winner will be announced LIVE!
  • The winning team and runners up will receive fabulous prizes.
The WordCamp OC Plugin-a-Palooza is sponsored by Sucuri and prizes include:
  • First Place – $500 cash and 1 Sucuri Business (VIP) license. Retail value: $499.99
  • Second Place – $250 cash and 1 Sucuri Business (VIP) license. Retail value: $499.99
  • Third Place – $100 cash