Russ Aaron is a 2017 Plugin-A-Palooza Contestant

Meet Plugin-A-Palooza Contestant Russell Aaron

Russell Aaron started out in WordPress like many others. After training as a sidekick to Batman (his favorite comic hero), Russ started building MySpace band layouts. He would create table based layouts all day and use the blog feature on MySpace to share his triumphs and failures.

Once he’d written his first 50 blog posts, a friend introduced him to Russ signed up for free and started to blog. After his next 50 blog posts, the same friend showed him how to install WordPress on his own website. Since that day, Russ has spent every minute of every hour learning WordPress. He’s obsessed, to say the least. His first WordCamp was Las Vegas 2011.

Citing his mentors as John Hawkins, Jason Tucker and Gary Kovar, Russ has determined that if he could claim a super power, it would be the ability to see the future, in full detail. When asked to predict the future of Plugin-A-Palooza, Russ replied, “My plugin is very simple. It’s not jam packed full of code and functions, but it’s something I think all WordPress site builders need to have.”

His plugin gives the super power of linking directly to the plugins page in wp-admin. You can add a new plugin (new, featured, recommended or favorite), see active and inactive plugins and MU plugins, and a link to the plugin editor from the front end of the site. To a new user, Plugins Admin Bar gives you the capability to jump directly to wp-admin plugins page, from anywhere on your WP site. Russ believes plugins to be the biggest part of WordPress, and can’t believe users have to click two or three times in order to get to the plugins page. With his new plugin, access is now a one time click.

Though he’s from Las Vegas, NV, Russ travels to WCOC because he has a lot of friends in the OC community. He reports, “It’s by far my favorite Camp and there are cool competitions like Plugin-A-Palooza.”

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