Meet Plugin-A-Palooza Contestant Natalie MacLees

Natalie MacLees started her WordPress adventure when a client hired her to create a photo blog in 2006. After researching, she decided to use WordPress. That photo blog was her first WordPress site! From there her knowledge increased and in 2007, she attended WordCamp San Francisco.

Along the way Natalie reports that “just about everyone in the community at some point or another” has mentored her. “We’re such a generous community” she said. “If I listed everyone who had shared advice or help or inspiration, it would be a very long list!

Natalie longs for the superpower of teleportation so she could go everywhere and admires Wonder Woman as a Superhero. "She's very popular just now, but I've been a big fan of Wonder Woman for a loooonnng time," Natalie admitted. "My first swim suit was a Wonder Woman suit and I had Wonder Woman Underoos!

Natalie knows a thing or two about creates superpowers in WordPress and claims that her soon-to-be-revealed plugin gives users the ability to accomplish a common task quickly and easily. Simple Event Listing pretty much does what it says! It quickly and easily create a listing of events for your site for cases where a full event calendar is just too much. Natalie added, “It uses React and the WordPress REST API so it’s super extra fancy.”

Natalie lives in South Pasadena which she declares as "not too far away!" She is excited about WordCamp Orange County, where she gets to spend "the weekend in Orange County with lots of awesome people."

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