Do you want to be on Hallway Track at #WCOC?

Do you want to be on Hallway Track -- the show? Find Jason Tucker this weekend at WCOC and tell him how you use WordPress.You may have seen people chatting in the halls during WordCamp. They’re not ditching class. We promise. We refer to this informal networking as the Hallway Track. Of course, Jason Tucker of WPwatercooler took that to another level after he crowdfunded with Give to get the Mevo Camera and created a brand new show.

What is Hallway Track?

“’Hallway Track’ is a term used to describe one of the unofficial tracks that occurs in the hallways before, during and after the sessions that occur at a WordCamp.” Jason Tucker 

Who does the interviews?

Sé Reed and Dani Cutler have been excellent interviewers in the past at WordCamps in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Phoenix. This year, Jon Brown and Russell Aaron will be helping out.

All we need is you!

We’d love to chat with you for two to five minutes about how you use WordPress, how the Community has helped you, what your favorite experiences are or anything else that you’re passionate about.

Basically we ask you,

“How do you use WordPress?”

Find Jason Tucker and the setup at the Press Background (the white photo backdrop with all of WCOC’s past logos) and tell your story! Everyone is invited and everyone’s story is important!

Check out past episodes in their YouTube Playlist here.

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